Join us on our journey to establish a unique selection of simple and authentic products.

We create and curate outstanding minimalist yet functional essentials for creatives and explorers so you can focus on the important things in life.

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Less but better

We believe that having less but better stuff can make you happier. 

Our products follow a simple goal. It's all about minimizing complexity with the perfect balance of purpose and beauty. Only things you really love should be worth your money and attention.

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Designing Change

Designing a product doesn't mean just making an object, it means designing the world around it.

Sustainability is the essential attribute of our philosophy. But it doesn't stop with fair and organic, that's where it starts. Simplicity and the absence of trends are the important factors that enable a timeless and long lasting product.

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Join the Journey

You surround yourself with people who inspire you, experiences that enable you to think ahead and products that you see a true value in.
We want to honor people like you by providing the right equipment.

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